Welcome to Lumpy's Trailer here in The Patch!
(Um, the door tends to stick a little, but it's nothing to worry about, really...).
Do make yourself comfortable and have a seat (don't mind the Spiders, they'll move over...
Did you bring a snack? If not, there's sure to be "something" in the 'fridge
we can brush the mold off of...
~ Creepy Classics ~
~ Hitchophilia ~
~ Flighty Biters ~
So relax and settle back (don't worry, the blood-stains are dry)...
~ Tubesville ~
~ Home Haunts ~
~ Mixed Cauldron~
...and feel free to feast your furtive eyes upon the selection of sinister cinema, here in ~
The Pumpkins sing a little song, it's really something rare -- just the sort of serenade
to trouble your nightmares...!
These delightful little tinglers never grow old, eh? Hoary, suavely malicious, wickedly eccentric,
and fermentedly weird, sure..., but never "old"...
Can't vanquish that irksome insomnia...? The Tele's on ALL NIGHT in Lumpy's Trailer...
"Good Eeeeeevning..." (Ah... Need we say more?)
One's home is one's castle -- and SOME castles are a LOT creepier than others, at certain times of the year...
Up late for a midnight snack...? Lumpy finds these tasty...
A simmering sinister stew of darkly-delightful tidbits, each with its own savory style...
~ 3 Big Shows of Radio-riffic Fun and Lounge-tastic Audio Adventure! ~
STILL Up...? Alrighty then...!
robustly recommends --
-- for an ASTONISHING Encyclopedic Excursion into the Greatest, Worst, and Weirdest B-movies ever made...!
~ And! ~
THIS never-ending Siren Song Of The Saturday Matinee, from Mike Hanttula ~
~ for a truly terrific Marquee of Infinite Inspiration...!
( Um, did "something" just crawl into your popcorn...? Oh, probably not. Nevermind... )
Do YOU know of a video crawling around on the web that you think is perfect for ~
Keep sending us Your Suggestions, and if our "Poisonous Pumpkins" give 'em the "Stems-Up" we'll include them...!
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