A macabrely-mischievous Gallery ~ of darkly delightful Dioramas from one of
The Patch's Good Fiends, Shari Mendez -- Award-Winning Home-Haunter,
Experienced Paranormal Investigator, and Inspired Creative Display Artist!
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An active Paranormal Investigator, and enthusiastic Home-Haunter during the Halloween Season, Shari conjures-up the coziest little graveyards any pumpkin-passionate Hallow's Eve-enthusiast could envision... Shari explores the scope of what one can do with carvable foam pumpkins, occasionally showing us where the bodies are buried -- not too far in some cases from the ominous silhouettes of imposing mysterious mansions silhouetted against eerily-luminous sunset gradients...
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In these amazingly-detailed, micro-moody tabletop renderings, Shari uses both artificial pumpkins and ornately-trimmed Decorative Lanterns, to atmosphericly enclose popsicle-picket-fences trimming tiny lichen-covered graveyards ~
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~ where the odd, minute skeleton lies, silently attesting to some former nefarious undertaking...
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Skillfully realized and imaginatively creepy, Shari's own visions may inspire You ~ ~ to tackle some tabletop realizations of your own...!
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