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arrives at The Burbank Marriott, and lights-up in "The Quad" on Friday evening, September 18th!
We're on-site, online, and "webbed-in" by sunset ~
(Heh, heh, heh..)
~ and ready for 2 1/2 days of Monster mania!
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And who should soon happen by
soon after dark, but this sun-down
siren, this Mistress of the Macabre --
Danielle Bradford,
(aka, "Countess Canterburry")
flutters by to visit The Cart,
channeling 'Elvira's' charms
with a frighteningly fetching
display of luscious lethality...
And so can this happily "horny"
Friday night Ogre --
(That's Cosplayer Anthony Jones'
"The Walking MONSTER", out
for a stylish evening stroll...)
The Cart's Mascot Pumpkins Bud and Lou are all lit up, and we can see why!
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SON of MonsterPalooza's morning "Will-Call Line", queuing-up in the Burbank Marriott's delightfully leaf-dappled outdoor Quad.
...And the MONSTERS-- -- and this tantalizing Two-Tone Greenlocks Gal -- -- soon come calling...!
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"Codpiece Clown" brought along his
groovy UV "Glo-in-the-Dark Gal"...!
"Walking MONSTER" Anthony Jones) returned the
next day (in more casual attire), to share a cheery scare!
"PinHead" is usually a real cut-up,
but today he seemed a little needled...
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This charming little 'Wind-Up Doll'
was later seen with a rather long knife...
A mysterious 'VooDoo Girl' came by --
and brought along her very tall 'Doll'...
Mascot Bud shares a kindred grin in b.g.
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When 'Anubis-guy' arises to greet The Cart --
-- and these Real Guys (really, in Reel Guise !) --
-- plus the always-smoldering 'Ash' arrives --
-- Saturday's show gets off to an action-packed start...!
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Joo Skellington's "Inquisitor Witch" appeared in a well-gibbeted coiffure...
Does the name "Quasimodo" ring a bell?
Coconuts at the ready, "Patsy" 'clip-clopped' by, on the trail of 'The Grail'...
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"Electric Lady Frankenstein" graces The Cart with
a shockingly elegant style that never goes out of fashion
(and lab-ready bling any chic cadaver would die for)...
Makeup by Bruce Spaulding Fuller & Ana Gabriela Quinonez.
Mo Meinhart is the stylishly macabre model.
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Bravo! to "The Twins", among many of Son of MP's fine Cosplayers... Creepy. Nauseating. Terrifying. Sad. Brilliant horror...
(We especially like the "arachnid egg sack" in the Left Twin's occipital recess. And just a drip of blood on the chin... Eeek!
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Good to see "Gomez & Morticia"
again! Always so friendly...
This "Elegant Chimera" showed off
his monstrous manners...
Whatever could be in "Blue Box Girl's" Blue Box? Possibly another Dimension...
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"Broken Doll" Lindsey Capria returned later,
her hair now coiffed in a "widow's peak" --
Could be this "Broken Doll's" been dating
a rather "Dangerous Dummy"...
-- and we didn't see This Guy* again...
[ * That's Cosplayer Chris Hannan behind the mask.]
Hey, nothing a little china glue
(plus an Exorcism!) can't fix...
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This "Sea Girl" says, when your "'Doo" is really YOU, one simply must
'shell it out' for the right accessories -- like her "pearl" shoes...!
('Seems no one saw her after that free all-you-can-eat
fresh ceviche the hotel bartenders put out for lunch. Heh...)
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And what d'ya' know -- same as during The Cart's last appearance here (at the Spring 2015 MonsterPalooza), this"Shaggy Guy" returns to help mop-up the monsteresque slime, blood, goo [and other, less recognizable, substances] ~ plus, it's wonderful to see that a Summer romance has led to his meeting "Mrs. Right" (and clearly, ladies, here's the proof' that all women marry beneath them)...

The Cart's Mascot Pumpkins, "Bud and Lou", certainly wished them All the Best... (Miss Novak's timely chance appearance on The Cart's screen did suggest that Feminine wiles may have had something to do with clinching the happy union)...

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Poor "'Freaked'-out" model
Chris Gallaher looked so bad
that we called for a Nurse --
(Makeup is by Kenny Meyers,
Tim Jarvis, and Erik Porn)
Eeek! -- And a"Nurse" from "The Twilight Zone" ("Eye of the
Beholder") soon showed up! A superb "T-Zone-tastic" tribute!
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"I'm ready for my Close-Up,
Mr. Dante..."
Fantastic appliance makeup by Nuria Torrente, Cinema Makeup School!
Greta Gremlin, as a "Gremlin Geisha"...! Oooo...
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The darkly-dapper "R.I.P. The Undertaker"
once again caught our eye(s)...
This Raven Beauty got her Fortune told by The Patch's
prognosticating Pumpkin, our own "Hurly-the-Munificent"!
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Noel as a Zombie at ScareLA, August 2015
A Terror-ific "Triple-Play"...!
The villainously versatile Noel Jason Scott (this time in
"normal" attire) has a "hall of mirrors" moment with
his prior Pie Cart "manifestations"...!
Noel as a Vampire at MonsterPalooza, March 2015
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Could be best to 'dodge' this Viper, eh...?
Quoth the Raven:
"Hey! Watch those ANTLERS, lady!"
The 'Bonnie & Clyde' of the
Looks like "Hocus Pocus" to us,
but this Zombie's 'lips are sealed'...
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By the end of the massively Monster-maniacle weekend, "The Shaggys" are back, domestic life apparently agreeing with them (and no doubt a little "shagging" to whisper about there) -- with a fresh 'Little Sprout' making them all the iconic happy family!

Gotta' say these crazy kids really work fast, if you know what we mean... 'Won't be too long before the tyke's own mossy mantle grows-in, no doubt... Ah, time passes like a breeze through bayou trees, doesn't it...?

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2016 looks like it's gonna be a great year to come!
Our favorite "Countess of the Dark", the Elvira-esque Danielle Bradford
(aka, "Countess Canterburry"), grants us another frightfully fetching pose...
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And so,
~ survived ~
To Everyone who helped us
make it to (and through) the show!
We 'served-up' a
"Portable Patch-full" of
Ghastly Goodies, such as:
- Savory visits to
"The Herb Garden"...!
- Often-fatal "Hay Maze"
excursions (Prizes awarded
to the "Survivors")...!
- Played sinister selections from
"Terror Trailer Theatre's"
eerily entertaining Playlists...!
- Awarded Prizes for closing-
hour Gift Shop explosions...!
- And of course, we sang that
annoying"Pumpkin Song"
(now over 1 million views
on YouTube)...!
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BONUS! Program Art for MonsterPalooza '16!
the POSTCARD to view our PICS!
~ Alternate Style! ~
Want HIGHER-REZ Posters? Contact the Patch!
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to Eliot Brodsky, his charming wife Suri, and The SON of MonsterPalooza Staff,
for another special event the Fans will always remember!
to Elizabeth Joanou, Convention Service Manager, Burbank Marriott,
for helping us get set up and settled in the Marriott's wonderful outdoor Quad area!
to David Johnson and Brian Moniz
for vital transport prep and assistance!
to Seth at FoamMart, Burbank,
for special construction & packing materials!
to The Taffy Shop
for The Cart's irresistible 'Pumpkin Pie Salt Water Taffy'!
to Bob Dykes at Galpin Studio Rentals,
for quality transportation vehicles!
to Roland and the great Staff at NoHo Copy,
for all our promotional printing!
And to LuluBell FiFi-Peaches,
for Cart Set-Up, Supervision & Venue Operations!
Plus many more sinister -- er, Sincere Thanks to all our other Good Fiends
who lent a hand (or a claw, or a tentacle, or, whatever)
to help keep "The Pie Cart" rolling...!
~ ! Did we miss your Credit? ~
If you are one of the uncredited Monstrous Merry-Makers who posed for a pic
with our Portable Patch, Contact Us with your info and we'll link to you!
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