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Fans begin queuing for MonsterPalooza 2016 ~
~ at the Pasadena Convention Center...
arrives on Friday, April 22nd,
and, by the show's 6:00pm opening ~
~ once again, Mascot-spider 'Carlotta' soon
has us creepily webbed-in..., and Waiting...
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Yikes! Hardly have our scattered leaves settled, than
our 'Portable Patch' falls prey to -- well,
Outstanding Cosplay presentation from Aliens FX!
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from around the Wide,
Weird World begin
flocking to the show's
ready Vendors, amid
a cavernous, creepy
cornucopia of
Ghoulish Goodies...!
Scupltures, Posters,
Make-Up FX, Masks,
Props, Costumes, Toys
& Collectibles -- if it
was Monstrous, it
was HERE...
The first "Fun Couple" (of many
during the show) to stop by
The Cart for a visit...!
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"Ash - to - Ash...!"
Cosplayer "Flo Vas as Ash" points to his encounter with
The Cart at ScareLA, back in August 2015...!
(We had a laugh and shared a "high-five" -- and then I went to
the closest hospital's Emergency Room for 117 stitches).
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"Beauty VS. The Beast!" ~

~ Round IX...!!

Sensational Cosplay action...!
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This "Mad Hare" showed up to remind
us that although Halloween reigned
inside the PCC, Spring was wildly-
springing outside in late April...
"Balok" beamed-in on Saturday, well-into the 'Tranya'
(again). His "Alter Ego" had to call Uber...
Everybody beaded-up a bit when Chaney's
"Red Death" stopped by for a visit, but he
really turned out to be a great guy, told
lots of good jokes, and shook hands all
around before moving on...
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This frisky "BlackWolf" gives us a shout, er, "howl"-out
for "The Pumpkin Song's" 2,000,000 + ( ! ) views on YouTube...!
"Edwina Scissorhands" paused with The Cart for an edgy moment...
(Cart Mascot-Pumpkin "Bud" really took a liking to her...)
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"R.I.P. the Undertaker"
came by to dig our scene... Dig his, at ~
Dearly Departed Tours (.com)
This "Alien Scientist"
( -should that be "CYAN-tist"?- )
almost gave us "the sixth finger" when we said he couldn't take Lou for his experiments...
  We were 'nutsa' for Eirania Schmolesky's "Bolta Lightning"...!
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Cart Mascot-Pumpkin 'Lou' held a fascination
for this "Sea Troll"...
(Cool also that Eliot B. allowed well-behaved pets.)
"Aqua-Lure" swam along in a world
all his own -- and who could blame him?
We found his deadly 'luminescent lure'
almost irresistible as well...
Just don't get too close, if you like your nose...!
Midian Crosby's "Anenome Lady" surfaced with her cute Little Urchin, to trill along with "The Pumpkin Song"...
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Cosplayer Danielle Bradford,
in lethally fine form as
her chillingly charming
"Countess Canterburry"
once again graced The Cart
with her dark allure...
(She's VERY popular
with The Pumpkins!)
(We almost ran out of
Postcards that day!
For some reason, they
suddenly became a
hot collectible...)
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"Professor Wes Weasley, Director of Theremin Studies"
was absolutely picking up on the
Good Vibrations...
(and broadcasting them, too!)
(Oh yeah, Prof., we understand...)
He invited show guests to wave
their hands up and down around
his weirdly-humming antenna...
(Before the Security People came
and took him away, that is.)
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"The Joker"
shares a grin or two ~
~ with "Harley Q", and Bud and
Lou too...!
"Glasgow kiss, laddie?" You'd LOSE... Stunning Mask by Kierstin LaPatka...!
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This Guy Was ORANGE.

Really, Really ORANGE.

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Cosplayer Chris Hanan's "Mad Ventriloquist's Dummy" points to --
himself...! When he menaced The Cart at ScareLA back in August '15.
Rob Burman's "Medusa" slithered by,
kvetching that she's always looking
for a new Stylist...
(We're sure you can guess why.)
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"Cruella DeVille" brought along one of her "Doomed Dalmations"...
"Fire & Ice" sizzled with their own steamy Style...
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~ Other "Fun Couples" included ~

At least one of these "Psycho Clowns" is Lindsey Capria

"Put on a Happy Face ...!" she said. And so he did. Literally.
( Only in this case, maybe not such a happy one, eh...? ).
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Great to see "Gomez & Morticia" again, posing with Themselves, posing
with The Cart (in "living" color) at last September's Son of MonsterPalooza!;
Such Style, such Poise, such Joie de Vivre! ( Uh-oh -- that's FRENCH, isn't it...? )
Their villainous and morbid children,
"Pugsley & Wednesday" (Auburn Mystique Cosplay)
visited a short while later. Never, EVER, turn your back on them.
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"Little Wednesday"
was seen sometime later, her
Fiendish Family lurking
( And, she had, evidently, somehow
TIME, from her eariler visit
to The Cart! )
We were all more than just
a little bit afraid of her
by then...
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"'Trick-Or-Treat!' - Smell my -- "
Uh, NO -- ! No, Sam... No thanks, kid...
Cart proprietor Johnny Curtis (lt) gets a greeting from
Theme Park Developer, Award-winning "Simpsons's"
Producer & "Boney Island" Creator, Rick Polizzi!(rt)
THE BEST "Dick Van Dyke" Mask at the show...!
"3 Lovely Birds..."
flitted by The Cart on Sunday...
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Many find MonsterPalooza a
"Transforming" experience. HE did.
These deliriously-diverse
~ "Creepy Trios" ~
stopped by to share a smile. Or, um, whatever...
"The Walking MONSTER",
(Anthony Jones) growls a rojo greeting!
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This lanky "WereWolf" loped by,
out for a hairy howl!
Lots of TEETH --
-- were flashed around that weekend...,
-- but nothing quite like Hawgfly's "Toothy Geisha's"
hungry smile...! (Theresa LaMonstre, model)
"Vampire Girl" was off to the Concession Window, to greet the Guests...
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"Tables Turned!" (a Particular Favorite with The Pumpkins...!)
"PuppetMan", and also, a Nice Guy with a Mohawk.
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seemed like she was out looking for
'Mr. Freeze' -- and good luck to him
if she finds him...
"Mr. Green Mile Man"
(and his Little Friend)
had us all "Respecting The Mile".
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"Number 6" escaped The Village
long enough to say he'd "Be Seeing" us...
Larry Toro's "Norman Reedus" kept
The Cart 100% Walking-Dead-Free...!
"Uncle Creepy"
paused for a charismatic greeting...
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"Two Dapper Guys"
"Mr. Ringlets" loomed in for
a 'face-off- with the Pumpkins!
(He won.)
"Mr. Sundae" floated over
wearing a mesmerizing suit &
proudly-plumed chapeau, and,
a tie with a cherry on top!
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-- OOOOOOOO...!!

Towering Cosplay...!
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They're Ready to Lead you --

~ "The 2016 Candidates!" ~
November will be here sooner than you think -- isn't the choice obvious...?

-- into The Future...!

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~ Plus! ~ "2016 Holiday Previews...!"
( "Is it too early to play 'The Nutcracker Suite'...?" )
Danielle Bradford's delectible "Ms. Claws"
has Christmas coming early to the PCC...!
This pint-sized "Grinch" outdid Karloff
and Carrey in ATTITUDE, believe it!
"Look Out, all you Rotten Kids -- !"
"Krampus" is WAITING for YOU...!
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AND THEN -- Oh No! It 's -- "Godzilla"...!!
He's attacking The Pie Cart...!!
-- Yikes! Will --
-- SURVIVE...?!
(ps: It's okay -- 'Turns out Godzilla just wanted a piece of The Cart's Pumpkin Pie Salt-Water Taffy...)
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~ survived ~
To Everyone who helped us
make it to (and through) the show!
The Cart for a SPECIAL BONUS!
We 'served-up' another
"Portable Patch-full" of
Ghastly Goodies, such as:
- Savory visits to
"The Herb Garden"...!
- Often-fatal "Hay Maze"
excursions (Prizes awarded
to the "Survivors")...!
- Played sinister selections from
"Terror Trailer Theatre's"
eerily entertaining Playlists...!
- Awarded Prizes for closing-
hour Gift Shop explosions...!
- And of course, we sang that
annoying"Pumpkin Song"
(now over 2 million views
on YouTube)...!
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BONUS Program Art -- !
(Page Top) ( Want a HIGHER-REZ Poster? Contact The Patch! ) (Mail, Patch Swag, & Links)
to Eliot Brodsky, his charming wife Suri, and the whole MonsterPalooza Staff,
for a fabulously successful "MP" transition to the Pasadena Convention Center !
to Shaleia, for her Special Vendor Consultation, and refreshing
event-inspired Perspective!
to Sean Wargo, Director of Event Technology, Pasadena Convention Center,
for The Cart's wicked-fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection during the show!
to Eric Haskell, Haskell FX,
for vital Cart 'Roadie' Services & Venue Set-Up!
to David Johnson and Brian Moniz,
for vital Cart Transportation Prep & Wrap Assistance!
to Ann, at The Taffy Shop
for The Cart's irresistible 'Pumpkin Pie Salt Water Taffy'!
to Bob Dykes at Galpin Studio Rentals,
for another quality transportation show vehicle rental!
to Roland and his great Staff at NoHo Copy,
for our eye-catching (ewww...) promotional printing!
To Eric and Matt at Creature Features,
for Promotional placement at their legendary Burbank store/museum!
to Del and Sue Howison, at Dark Delicacies,
for Promotional placement at "The Best Horror Bookshop in the World"
To Larry & Kathy, at Blast From The Past,
for Promotional placement at their awesome Burbank emporium!
to Rick Polizzi, (Theme park designer, Emmy Award-winning "Simpson's"
producer, and creator of "Boney Island"), for the abiding Good Mojo!
And, to LuluBell FiFi-Peaches,
for Cart Set-Up, Supervision & Venue Operations!
Plus Many More Sinister -- um, Sincere Thanks to all our other Good Fiends
who lent a hand (or a claw, or a tentacle, or, whatever)
to help keep "The Pie Cart" rolling...!
~ ! Did we miss your Credit? ~
If you are one of the uncredited Monstrous Merry-Makers who posed for a pic
with our Portable Patch, Contact Us with your info and we'll link to you!
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