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Springtime MONSTER FANS queue-up --
-- at the Pasadena Convention Center!
Returns to Pasadena, California -- to become a RECORD-SETTING show!
~ April 7th, 8th and 9th, 2017 ~
~ And..., CREAKING-IN sometime during The Dead Of -- , um, Early-Friday-Afternoon --
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...And by the Show's 6:00pm Opening, 'The Cart' is ready -- and waiting for Fresh Victims!
-- Slithers-In to Set-Up in sinister style --
-- With our Mascot-Spider 'Carlotta'
again webbing-us-in very nicely...
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Sculptor Eric Haskell & 3D "Cyrano" test.
Worldwide soon arrive
to fill the PCC -- where the
Show Vendors & Exhibitors'
weird, wild wares stretch the
imagination literally to the
outer limits -- with plenty of
dark, daring, and dazzling
delights on display...!
Legendary SFX Artist Rob Burman and The Cart's
Proprietor hear the PCC hits MAXIMUM CAPACITY..!
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And what with MonsterPalooza being
the Major Monster Event that it is,
in no time at all The Cart was
visited by several super-seriously
Like Midnight Studios FX's
"Swamp Goblin", who said
he just got into LAX from D.C. --
"...and felt rather 'drained'..."
...Mascot Pumpkins, 'Bud & Lou'
offered him some of The Cart's tasty
Pumpkin Pie Salt Water Taffy,
but he said he was just going to
grab some pizza in the limo,
and go on to a Goblin Party
fundraiser in The Valley...
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This "Big Warlock" loomed by The Cart to share a smile...
(You'd think having magic powers would secure some
Warlocks better Sight & Dental Plans, eh...?)
No doubt about it, this gal was a Real 'Living Dahl'...!
"Lead Witch - from Roald Dahl's "The Witches"
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Here's a lovely "Dragon Lady",
whose 'Pyromaniacal Pet' has
playfully CHARRED her cheek
and SCORCHED her ermine-
fringed dress's hem!.
(Ah well, at least he's housebroken...)
And speaking of 'scorched'..., too bad One of these --
"Little Scouts" got too CLOSE to the CAMPFIRE,
while the Other, alas, was too FAR AWAY...
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We got a nice shout-out from
Chris Hannan's
"Big Frank" --
-- Well, he didn't exactly,
um, 'shout'...
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Delightfully bewitching
Cosplayer Danielle Bradford's
"Countess Canterburry"
enjoys a pair of big, double-
cucurbitaceous grins from
The Cart's Bud & Lou --
(Both abiding devotees of The
Countess, you know.)
-- Starting ANOTHER RUN on our
 (Sure enough, we brought along
EXTRAS this time, and we STILL
ran out by Show's end!)
( Pie Cart Mascot-Viper
"Frenchie" just couldn't get
close enough..., the shameless
little fan-snake... )
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"Trick-Or-Treat Sam" made off with a
Cart Glowstick, but the Taffy was a problem.
"Skullrot Bones"
"...Got a whiff of skullduggery afoot...!",
( And speaking of 'whiffs', well, we wouldn't
want to SAY anything, but DEAD is DEAD, really... )
(Even so, he's a very popular Lecturer at the FBI's
'Body Farm' Conference Luncheons...)
'Director of Theremin Studies'
"Professor Wes Weasly" again
shared his 'Good Vibrations' with us..!.
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gave The Cart another lively
(and, um, not-so-lively) Hello!
Yup. That Old Black Magic's still there.
Wraith-like "Lady Liberty"
tragically looked like she could
use a hit from the G & C's
Oxygen Bottle...
(...Presuming of course that
that's actually "oxygen"...)
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"Lady Riddler" posed 'a fine,
tall riddle' unto herself...
"Christine" pulled over for a sec.
Frighteningly Original Cosplay!
( and Very Well-Detailed for the Show...! )
"Elviticia" shared her own
style of dark allure...
(The Cart Pumpkins just leered in the
background, the shameless little fiends.)
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Brilliant "Trio from 'Planet Of The Apes'"!
(Dr. Zaius brought his Forbidden-Zone-Dolly...)
"General Urko" didn't seem to be
having much fun at the show...
(Maybe Bud shouldn't've done his 'Chuck Heston' impression?)
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"Gomez & Morticia"
always seem to bring
that special, --
-- indefinable "Thing" into
the room with them,
don't they...?
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And speaking of "things" -- what could be more, uh, 'thing-like' than: "CHAOS"
-- a nightmarish multi-species mash-up from Clockwork Creature!
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"Ring Girl" dropped by --

-- Literally.

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Yikes! The Cart gets a toothy "Hello" from the
"Stranger Things' 'Demogorgon'", who popped-in from the
Upside Down for a sanguine snack, before meeting his agent
to talk about signing a 'toothbrush commercial' offer...
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The 'creme-de-la-creme' of Creepy Clowns
prowled around the premises looking for lethal laughs. Could it be they're the ones
rumored to have escaped from 'The Ding-a-ling Brothers / Bedlam & Bailout Circus'...?
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"Zombie Girl" appeared to
be looking for a bite of lunch...,
and the PCC Concession Stand
just wasn't going to hit the spot.
Not at all...
( Frankly, she scared the ever-livin'
seeds out of Bud and Lou. They
couldn't even LOOK at her...
Really... )
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"Gun Girl" really got
the drop on us this time!
Damn, she's quick.
(But it's too bad some girls can use
a bit too much make-up, eh...?
(The Pumpkins were not about
to mention anything,
We were going to give
a 'shout-out' out' to
"Viking Girl" --
but she beat us
(and everybody else)
to it...!
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"Uncle Creepy" came by to decay awhile...
So good to see him yet lingering on...
"The Deadly Dummy"
The classic Ventriloquist Act turns into
an alarming 'SOLO' performance -- thanks
to creepy Cosplayer Chris Hannan...!
"Billy-the-Puppet" 'Sawed' the scenery, as
he peddled perniciously past The Cart...
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"The Hooded Punisher"
reaped a good deal of awe --
-- as he scythed-his-way
by The Cart...
(Bud and Lou were both a bit nervous about his 'back-swing'...)
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Alexander Boersma's
awesome "Predator"
once again stalks by
The Cart in full
fearsome form...!
Not to worry though -- this
"Aliens' Colonial Marine"
looked geared-up to take-on
just about anything!
(Except maybe a tan.)
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Things are, um, 'gone a bit wrong' down-on-the-farm,
as "Zombie Farmhand" can readily 'POINT-out'...
You can bet that "Scarecrow Freddie"
KNOWS how to keep the crows away...
Pumpkins Bud & 'Cyrano' really had an itch to
tangle with Brigitte Berlin's "Poison Ivy"
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'Chaney-esque' Cosplayer
Noel Jason Scott in fine
form as a "guilty-as-hell"
Psychopathic Zombie...
You definitely don't want to
find this 'Hobo' ambling
along behind you out
amongst 'The Patch's'
haybales, eh...?
(ps ~ That's Noel ALSO on
The Cart, in his previous
manifestation at last 2016's
pointing-out his own Prior
Appearances at many fun
Past Shows...!
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"Snake Specs" (on right,
showing off 'One Bat Hat')
really had Hypnotic Eyes
for this delicately
4-fingered, um,
(Who was lucky that Cart Mascot
Carlotta didn't make a nest
of her...!)
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Perhaps a bit of 'Vernal angst' had
this "Horned Demon" a bit rattled.
(Or it could also have been the chains, maybe...)
The Pumpkins were blissfully blinded by the
beauty of this mysterious "Horned Maiden"
(and her adorned horns!)...
"The Walking Monster" (Anthony Jones)
couldn't help 'Horning-In' as well...!
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Charismatic Cosplayer
Lonstermash's "Logan"
(with Serious Adversary!)
carved a gore-spattered path
past The Cart, --
-- as this bloody
"Wolverine Fight"
(A whole lotta' "SCHWING!"
goin' on here, you bet...)
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These High-Born-and-Un-Dead, fetchingly felinesque
"Elizabethan Vampiresses" enjoyed something
of a 'Renaissance' among the living, looking
every bit as lovely as ever -- since 1568...
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'Spring Has Sprung!" as they say -- and with springs, nuts, and bolts
in gear, "Frank" lurched back to The Cart before the show's close,
all spruced-up in 'Classic-style', sporting a charming bouquet of
lakeside flowers --
-- reviving "The Bride" , who seemed absolutely
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Yes, Spring was indeed in the air at MonsterPalooza 2017...!
"Gomez and Morticia" -- Return to The Cart
in (bursts of) Living Color to bid us 'Adieu!'...
( Oooo! -- that's FRENCH, isn't it...? )
Ah! The Passion! The Weirdness!
The Un-Dying l'Amour...!
( Oooo! -- that's FRENCH, isn't it...? )
( Cart Mascot-Rat "Choppers" looks on
wistfully, always a sucker for those tasty --
um, tasteful, tender moments... )
And so, the most-massively-monstrous MonsterPalooza ever seemed scripted for a Romantic FADE-OUT -- WHEN SUDDENLY -- !
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has RETURNED to the PCC -- !
And he's attacking The Cart AGAIN
in a fearsome, RADIOACTIVE RAGE...!!
~ WILL ~
-- SURVIVE...?!
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YES...!! (...Like last year, Godzilla was just looking
for another handful of Pumpkin Pie Salt-Water Taffy
-- which now, um, glows-in-the-dark a bit...)
~ Served-Up another "Portable Patch-full"
of Ghastly Goodies at --
-- Some Of Which Included:
The Cart for a SPECIAL BONUS!
- Offering frequently-fatal "HAY MAZE"
excursions (with PRIZES for the "Survivors")!
(Bon Appetit!)
- With! Sinister Selections screened from
- We also awarded PRIZES for our explosive
Closing-Hour GIFT SHOP Give-Aways...!
- And of course, we sang that annoying
(Now Over 3 1/2 MILLION VIEWS
on YouTube)...! (Eeek!)
To Everyone who helped us
make it to (and through) the show!
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BONUS Program Art -- !
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to Eliot Brodsky, his charming wife Suri, and the whole MonsterPalooza Staff,
for a RECORD-BREAKING SHOW at the Pasadena Convention Center!
to Sean Wargo, Director of Event Technology, Pasadena Convention Center,
for The Cart's wicked-fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection during the show!
to David Johnson,
for vital Cart 'Roadie' Services & Venue Set-Up Assistance!
to Ann, at The Taffy Shop
for The Cart's irresistible 'Pumpkin Pie Salt Water Taffy'!
to Bob Dykes at Galpin Studio Rentals,
for another quality transportation show vehicle rental!
to Henry Salari at Concept 27 Creative Studios,
for our Eye-Catching (ewww...) Promotional Printing!
To Eric and Matt at Creature Features,
for Promotional placement at their legendary Burbank store/museum!
to Del and Sue Howison, at Dark Delicacies,
for Promotional placement at "The Best Horror Bookshop in the World"
To Larry & Kathy, at Blast From The Past,
for Promotional placement at their AWESOME Burbank emporium!
To Barbara and Allen, at Things From Another World,
for Promotional placement at their terrific Universal Citiwalk store! http://www.blastoffcomics.com/
To Harley, at Blastoff Comics,
for Promotional placement at a gem among great comics shops!
And, to LuluBell FiFi-Peaches,
for Cart Set-Up, Supervision & Venue Operations!
Plus Many More Sinister -- um, Sincere Thanks to all our other Good Fiends
who lent a hand (or a claw, or a tentacle, or, whatever)
to help keep "The Pie Cart" rolling...!
~ ! Did we miss your Credit? ~
If you are one of the uncredited Monstrous Merry-Makers who posed for a pic
with our Portable Patch, Contact Us with your info and we'll link to you!
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