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SON of MonsterPalooza 2017 Returned to Burbank, CA ~ September 15th-16th, & 17th...!
MONSTER FANS queuing-up at
The Marriott Convention Center --
Meet Mr. Myers...! CosPlayer Chris Hannan really knows how to "cut ahead" amid the show's epic queue....
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-- Rolls On In to make the Scary Scene!
The Cart's Mascot Spider, 'Carlotta' spins-up
a nice creepy-cozy Web Canopy in no time...!
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-- And
The Cart is Open
to serve-up some new
creepytastic fun, with
lots of wicked-cool
Ready to be
~ "We're Here...!" ~
The Cart's pair of
Mascot Pumpkins,
"Bud & Lou",
Light-Up to Greet
the Show's Guests
and Monsters
( - and More! - ),
with plenty of Treats
( - and just a few Tricks - )
waiting in store...!
Cart Mascot 'King' Cobra "Elvis"
slithers-forth in friendly play!
(He likes to hear those SCREAMS all day...)
The Cart's Victims um, Visitors are fiendishly
lured-in by our Free Posters, Winable Swag,
& irresistable Pumpkin Pie Saltwater Taffy!
Cart Mascot Rat "Choppers"
flashes you his charming grin
( -- as he eyes your tasty shin...).
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...COMETH THE NIGHT ~ Friday Evening's SHOW OPENING...!
...And -- Eeek! -- The Cart
has attracted its very first
Like an Evil Moth drawn
to a Sinister Candle --
-- Cosplayer Chris Hannan
now manifests after dark as a
wholly-unwholsome NEW
character: Salem's Lot's
"Kurt Barlow"...!
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Autumn's-in-the-air in the Marriott's Quad...
...And the always-alluring Cosplayer Danielle Bradford
comes Trick-or-Treating at The Cart! (See why we stock
the Pumpkin Pie Saltwater Taffy...? heh...)
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SOLD OUT! A Wrap-Around Saturday Crowd queues-up in the Marriott's Quad -- 'steady prey' for "The CP Pumpkin Pie Cart" (seen above)...!
MONSTER FANS swarm in...(!),
spanning the Convention Hall's North
North face, queing East-to-West --
(The shockingly-Cool-&-Classic
"Girls & Corpses" Magazine Hearse
waits on display at the Convention Hall's
Main Entrance...)
-- and winding South into the Quad area,
and then around the Quad, in a
U-turn back North again...
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The Cart gets its first fearsome Saturday
greetings as SON of Monsterpalooza
Arises through the weekend...!
"Alas, poor Threepio...!"
Star Wars 'Wookie-Monster',
"Chewbacca (& Force-full Friend)"
brandishes the patinated-Pate of
dismembered-droid C-3PO, who,
despite his current predicaments,
can still often be counted on
when needed to lend a hand.
And making a rather pointed entrance
is -- "Iron Man" (um, not 'That' one),
arriving in fully-fettered
'Road Warrior'-style...
(He's been chained to Bit Parts up until now,
but just got his big break -- and is soon to
be seen in "The Nasty Hands of Dr. No"...)
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'Ere long the hearts of The Cart's
Mascot Pumpkins were captured
by the indomitably-attractive
"Wonder Woman!"
Usually wary of sharp-implements,
The Pumpkins seemed okay with
her gear, as long as she generally
pointed it in the opposite
Even so, Lou was overheard
quipping to Bud that, "she could
'carve him up' any ol' Halloween!"
Bud said that wasn't any puny little
'kitchen knife' she was wielding,
and Lou should be careful what
he asks for -- if he didn't want
an extra face.
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The "Akkk!" is Back...!,
and NOBODY'S safe -- when
"Mars Attacks...!"
Nobody, perhaps, except
for "The Predator"
(who looks like he EATS
Martians for breakfast...!)
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Always 'a regular cut-up' --
Chris Hannan's
"Ventriloquist's Dummy"
maniacly mimes Hello!
(Chris's 3rd Cosplay appearance
at the Show so far...)
"Morticia & Gomez" tuned-in to say Hi.
Always on Their Own Channel, those two...
The Pumpkins enjoyed sharing a
warm-and-fuzzy moment with
"The Bearded Lady "
(Bud & Lou weren't going to ask --
but however that cut there, she clearly
didn't get it while shaving.)
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"Mini-Freddy" time-travelled back
to show-off his cool Cardboard Claws...
(...The Pumpkins agreed he sure had a
clearer complexion 'back in the day'.)
"Myers & Son" -- A father shares his pride:
"He's a real Slice-Off-the-Ol' Block...!"
There were also lots of other
"Small Fly"
(like this little lab-catastrophe)
-- buzzing-around the Festivities...
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Be thy Castle -- HAUNTED...?
WHO'art Thou Gonna CALL...?
Creative Artist and Shakespeare buff
Cosplayer Jordon Monsell prowl'eth
ye Quad grounds attired in Elizabethan-era
Wraith-Wrangling Raiments, most Original
in Craft... And yea! -- He doth wield
'Ye Enchant'ed Crossbow'...!
(Be Ye Warn'ed! -- Cross'eth NOT Ye
 Enchanted Arrows!)
'Od's Blob-kin! Verily -- he hath been 'SLIME-ed'...!
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Taking the unabashed view that
"Meat Is Murder" via a very chic ensemble,
Kayla Arena (& Toby Barron)'s gleefully
carnivorous Fashion Statement had everybody
at The Cart in stitches (though, um, she had
rather more of them anyone)...
Of course the appropriate Accessories
are SO important...
(Kayla was a particular favorite with
"The Catering Staff" -- )
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"Face-Off...! (and, um, Back-On...)"
Some Masks are still fun to wear, even
after they start to smell a bit...
'Always nice when "Killer Clowns" (like this one)
show up to work with their own Tools...
And, rounding-off the Catering Staff...
(For some reason, his Mask was a particular
favorite of Bud & Lou's.)
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Makin' The Monster
his own,
scares the pigment
right off The Cart,
as towering Cosplayer
Rick Galiher --
-- (also known as
looms larger than
-- um, well..., uh --
"Life" may not be
exactly the right
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This awsomely-airbrushed "Warrior Maiden" had
Bud & Lou both grinning big trying to win her attention...
(Evidently she didn't mind being 'BADGERED' a bit.)
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Noel paused at The Cart, out of costume and character for the moment --

Cosplayer Noel Jason Scott

-- Channeling his "Inner-Tor"...

-- but never out of Style.

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( ~ of the Cool Kind, that is ~ )
-- included a shamble-stitched
"Scarecrow's Cap" :
-- While this "Steampunk Enviro-naut"
showed-off his 'Swiss-Army-Chapeau'...
(And then, there were the Shoes...)
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Stranger Cosplay
would be hard to find
anywhere else, really,
as 'Stranger Things'
"Eleven" &
"The Demogorgon"
had an unfortunate
little 'tete-a-tete' while
visiting Tbe Cart --
"Hey! Leggo' my Eggo!"
"Are YOU talkin' to
(We, um, finally had
to ask them to "Take It
Else..." )
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"Jimmy Who?"
gave The Cart a truly
Spirited Manifestation
(not long after being
seen conversing nearby
with The Martian who
visited earlier)...
(He wasn't very, um,
'Monsterous', true...,
but Bud & Lou were
longtime fans, and for
a brief, beautiful
moment -- All Along
the Quad, The day's
Haze was never
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'Scream'... Eye..., 'Scream'... Eye...
We were sure there was a 'message' of
some kind here -- but Bud & Lou's
guesses were all Cold...
No clues from her soggy friend, "J.V.",
just a bit of 'camp humor' ...
The Cart was handsomely haunted
by this dapper "Hatbox Ghost"
(Unfortunately "The Hatbox's
'Contents'" were a bit camera-shy
here, but the effect-- if you, um,
saw it -- was really cool...!
(Lou kept asking him for 'rides', until
Bud told him to knock it off.)
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The Cart's Good Fiend "Raven" has his own
endearing way of saying "Hello"...
"Smiley 4-Blades" (aka, 'The Grin-Reaper')
brought a Winter's Chill -- early, and SHARP...!
And speaking of 'grins', this "Little Ghoul"
-- made a match with The Pumpkins!
"Mystic Maiden" stands here glaring,
sticks-in-hair, and bone-knife-baring...
(We wondered how her Date was faring...)
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The Cart has seen
"The Walking Monster"
(Cosplayer Anthony Jones)
in some 'colorful' situations
at past Shows -- but being
the "Monster Sandwich"
between playfully-pigmented
body paint models
Brigitte Berlin Beedle
and Rachel Hollon
is one of the best photo-ops
he's ever 'horned'-into...!

Tales tell of The Cart surving some Pretty Palpatating Situations in shows past,
but The Pumpkins may find this 'face-off' too stunning -- Could This be THE END?
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Looking like toxic broccoli, masterful "Magee FX's Monster Minions"
were conspicuously 'Despicable' for a few mutatedly-merry moments,
before jauntily turning-tail and moving along...
As they went on their way, everybody wished the fun
at SON of MonsterPalooza would never stop...
But for now, THIS -- absolutely -- is
~ THE END! ~
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And so ~
~ sails through its latest Scary, Saucy,
Sensational, Apparition-filled appearance,
at another spectacularly-successful --
(Autumn, 2017)
-- 'Serving-Up' a Portable Patch-full
of Ghastly Goodies, such as:
- Savory visits to "The Herb Garden"...!
- Often-fatal "Hay Maze" excursions...!
- Sinister late-night snacks from
"Terror Trailer Theatre...!
- Daily PRIZES for Gift Shop explosions...!
The Cart for a BONUS PIC !
- And we had fun Singing Along with ~
( Now Over 4 1/2 Million Views
on YouTube...! )
To Everyone who helped us
make it to (and through) the show!
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BONUS Program Art Poster -- !
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to Eliot Brodsky, and his (always) outstanding SON of MonsterPalooza 2017 Staff,
for Another SOLD-OUT Special Event that the Fans couldn't wait to get into!
to Elizabeth Joanou, Convention Service Manager, Burbank Marriott!
to David Johnson and RB,
for vital Cart Transportation Prep & Wrap Assistance!
to Henry Salari at Concept 27 Creative Studios,
for our Eye-Catching (ewww...) Promotional Printing!
to The Taffy Shop
for The Cart's irresistible 'Pumpkin Pie Salt Water Taffy'!
To Creature Features,
for Promotional placement at their legendary Burbank Store/Museum!
to Dark Delicacies,
for Promotional placement at "THE Best Horror Bookshop in the World"
To Blast From The Past,
for Promotional placement at their AWESOME Burbank emporium!
to Bob Dykes at Galpin Studio Rentals,
for Quality Transportation Vehicles!
And to the ever-delightfully-dependable LuluBell FiFi-Peaches,
for Cart Set-Up & Intermittent Venue Operations!
Plus many more Sinister -- er, Sincere Thanks to All Our Other 'Good Fiends',
who lent a hand (or a claw, or a tentacle, or, whatever)
to help keep "The Pie Cart" rolling...!
~ ! Did we miss your Credit? ~
If you are one of the uncredited Monstrous Merry-Makers who posed for a pic
with our Portable Patch, Contact Us with your info and we'll link to you!
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